The Sales Experts is a Bangalore based Sales related start up. We work as an outsourced Sales team/Sales partners for all sorts of industries. We expertise in Sales right from Lead generation to getting orders delivered. We generate new leads using the latest tools available and guarantee sales to our clients.


We are a highly dedicated team and are on the lookout for people with the same fire. We are a big believer of the fact that a fusion of smart work and hard work is always better than just hard work.


Our people are as important to us as our tools. They are our assets and we value them. DMS doesn’t just offer a stimulating environment to work and create but also ensures to provide them growth opportunities, understanding of business, safe working space, performance based incentives and some lifetime learnings.


“Perseverance” and “Commitment to clients” are our core values.


Do you know that most CEOs are from Sales. Sales probably offers the steepest career growth curves.

Working with us is one career opportunity in Business development that ambitious freshers should not miss.
° You get to learn about new companies, industries and get to interact with their HRs, directors and founders.
° You get a certificate of internship and Letter of recommendation.

If you are interested, we are waiting to welcome you aboard!